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Specialist in Heat Transfer Products and Services, Evapco was established in 1976 and has become the market leader in Cooling Towers, Closed Circuit Coolers, Evaporative Condensers, and Water Treatment for Evaporative Cooling Equipment

EvapTech is a premier cooling tower designer, manufacturer, and contractor providing Innovative Cooling Solutions for the satisfaction of customer needs in the power generation, industrial, refrigeration, and HVAC evaporative cooling markets. EvapTech offers new and replacement field erected cooling towers and a variety of field erected cooling tower parts and after market services.
Specialists in the Service and Repair of Evaporative Cooling Equipment
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Mr. GoodTower is the first choice for cooling tower parts for all makes and models.
"Any Part ~ Any Manufacturer ~ Any Time"
Sondex is a global company founded in 1984 and now has offices in almost every part of the world.  Sondex specializes in customer-adapted, high-efficiency plate heat exchangers for a wide variety pressures and temperatures.
PEP FILTERS, an Amiad USA company, has 35 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of automatic self-cleaning filtration systems. Implementing green and clean-water technologies, PEP provides cost-effective and advanced filtration solutions for industrial, municipal, and commercial applications.
Precision Coils specializes in manufacturing competitively-priced, precision-engineered replacement coils and OEM coils that always fit and are always on-time. And that means you can get your customers up and running quicker – with minimal installation time.
Perma-Pipe Inc. is the largest manufacturer of pre-insulated piping systems for District Heating and Cooling in North America. Our product line includes pipe-in-pipe containment systems for environmental control of hazardous fluids, sub-sea oil & gas pipelines and equipment, above and below ground insulated piping systems for industrial applications, liquid leak detection and location for our piping systems and stand-alone applications such as computer rooms and data centers.
Aquanomix is an environmental technology company that delivers water optimization and energy saving platforms for HVAC related piping systems. Aquanomix has pioneered the emerging water reuse market in the United States HVAC marketplace. Through their Symphony™ software, the company delivers the building’s water quality and heat exchanger efficiency data into a single portal, into the rightful hands of the owners and operators.
Air Enterprises is the leader in custom engineered air handling and energy efficient solutions for commercial, industrial, institutional, and mission critical needs, featuring SiteBilt® AHUs and ERVs. Ideal for replacement or retrofit applications, SiteBilt® can incorporate existing columns, beams and wind-bracing into the AHU design. SiteBilt® sub-assemblies are made of lightweight aluminum, allowing for easy transport through doorways, hallways and elevators for simplified installation.

Franklin Controls is a leader in HVAC Control Panels, VFD's and Motor Starters featuring the Tower IQ - All inclusive single-point cooling tower controls. The Tower IQ integrates existing automation system or provides temperature control for standalone operation with proven energy savings design
Shorefit® provides customer support, replacement parts, and OEM style replacement products designed and engineered to meet and exceed original factory specifications in order to keep your comfort system running at peak performance
The Extra-Pak® Ice Coil by Evapco represents the first major technological advancement of thermal storage systems equipment in many years. Evapco ice coils are constructed of high quality steel and hot dip galvanized after assembly. These high efficiency ice coils are suitable for all types of large, energy saving, thermal storage systems with field constructed concrete tanks.
LAARS is one of the nation's leading boiler and water heater manufacturers. With more than two dozen heating products and supporting accessories and controls, LAARS meets the needs of today's demanding heating system applications.