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About Us

Heat Transfer Systems of Georgia is driven by these simple goals:

  • Commitment to complete customer satisfaction
  • Consultant to the consulting engineer, contractor and end user
  • Represent Manufacturers of leading edge technologies and advanced manufacturing techniques
  • Providing creative solutions to out-perform the competition
  • Delivering products with unequaled quality and efficiency

For more than 30 years, Heat Transfer Systems has held fast to these virtues – customer focus and loyalty, creative and timely solutions, delivering quality. Your friends at Heat Transfer Systems are committed to the common goal of providing quality service for our customers and manufacturers.


Heat Transfer Systems of Georgia, LLC was founded as a manufacturer's representative sales agency in October 2012 and entered into an agreement with J.W. McKinnie and Heat Transfer Systems, Inc. to purchase the rights to its “Atlanta” territory and continue providing superior products and services to HTS customers throughout the region. 

With a commitment to compete customer satisfaction, J.W. McKinnie founded Heat Transfer Systems, Inc. in 1983 to provide “consulting to the consulting engineer, contractor and/or end user” Heat Transfer Systems, Inc. sought to represent only those manufacturers and companies employing leading edge technologies and manufacturing techniques as to deliver unequaled quality and efficiency. Heat Transfer Systems of Georgia continues this promise.

Owner of Heat Transfer Systems of Georgia, Dan Kelly, came to Atlanta having worked more than 13 years at Evapco’s Corporate Headquarters and brought to Heat Transfer Systems a wealth of product knowledge, ambition, and sincere desire to continue the mission established by J.W. McKinnie 30 years before.

Heat Transfer Systems of Georgia is proud to be associated with Mr. McKinnie, a great salesman and wise businessman, whose reputation was nothing but stellar in the community in which he dwelt.